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Official Journals

Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU)

  • Description:
  • Contact: European Publications Office
  • Website: Tenders Electronic Daily
  • Data coverage: All tenders in European Union above publication thresholds.[citation needed]
  • Machine Readable Format: XML
  • Raw Data Publicly Available: Yes
  • Open Data Status: 3.000 €/year license for one language


EuropeAid Cooperation Office – AIDCO

  • Description:
  • Contact: EuropeAid Cooperation Office – European Comission
  • Website: Call for proposals & Procurement notices
  • Data coverage: All Procurement notices from European Comission External Cooperation Programmes [citation needed]
  • Machine Readable Format:
  • Raw Data Publicly Available: No
  • Open Data Status: Euroalert has tried to unlock data making an official request for datasets in raw data format. Negative answer denying access to datasets and no option to meet and discuss: "EuropeAid publishes all information, including funding opportunities, that has to be published, through its website"
  • Formal response:
EuropeAid publishes all information, including funding opportunities, that has to be published, through its website. This information is available for free to all outside operators alike, equality of treatment being of the essence in procurement procedures. The Commission's publication obligation does not cover the provision of datasets to external companies to facilitate their work as a private company offering paying services to customers. We cannot, by providing you the requested information, give your company a competitive advantage towards potential competitors, nor your customers against other operators consulting our website. We thefore do not believe that a meeting would be useful


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