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Show me the Tenders Initiative



Show me the Tenders is an initiative led by to publicly document where, how and in what conditions public procurement datasets are published in the different countries around the globe.

While at it, as if it wasn't a big enough task, every time we get together with a public body that manages any of these publications, we don't loose the opportunity to try to educate those that aren't aware of the importance of the reuse of Public Sector Information and Linked Data principles. RAW DATA NOW!.

This public repository of information has just been created, and it's in a very early stage of its existence; so any help you can provide (information about how this works in your country, contact information within one of those organizations, documentation about data formats, ...) it'll be much appreciated.

If you want to know more about our engagement with the Open Data Community you can visit the Euroalert blog or follow us on twitter.

Country information

European Union

Useful Documents

Template for data request

The templates used by for formal requests of datasets have been released with a CC-BY-SA license. You can download the documents and adapt the templates for your own requests of public sector datasets. Contributions and translations to other languages will also be appreciated:

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