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The Show me the tenders public repository of information has just been born and it is in a very early stage of its existence; so any help you can contribute it'll be much appreciated. Contribution is open to anyone without registration, but we encourage user registration so your contributions can be properly attributed to you.


How to get involved

It's a wiki, so it is as simple as going the edit tab at the top of every page or next to every section title and start editing. If the country you have information about does not have a page yet, just create it; you can take an existing one as a template for the content structure. Of course, where possible, citing reliable sources.

Even if you don't have the time to edit the information yourself, even a short email with a simple list of web references to relevant sources about the subject will help us improve our repository.

Anything from a simple typo fixed to a full article will help build a reliable source of information about public procurement, so Get involved now!.


If you work for a public body responsible for a public procurement publication and have information you can share, email us; we're always looking forward to widen our relationships with organization so we can make sure we have accurate and updated information about your publication.

If you know someone that works in such an organization and you can provide relevant contact details, it'll be much appreciated too. email us please!.

Spread the news

You can also help us by giving the initiative some publicity, whether you participate on a conference, are an avid twitterer or know someone that can help us; Spread the message: Show me the tenders now!!!

Contact information

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